NEW! Novel – Captive Threat

Award-winning author Joseph D’Antoni continues his Wade Hanna pulse-pounding, black-ops mystery series. As the Vietnam War concludes an MIT professor contracted to the NSA leaks U.S. military secrets to the world. He is now America’s #1 traitor. Abducted by Soviet agents, he and his family are traded to North Vietnam. Wade Hanna’s partner and lover, Megan Winslow, is forced into a witness protection program run by Army Intelligence. Haunted by PTSD flashbacks of her last mission Megan discovers she is being used as “bait” for another covert operation. Escaping the witness protection program Megan finds sanctuary with Wade in the deep swamps of Louisiana. Wade is selected to head the mission to capture or terminate the #1 American traitor. To avoid being left behind in the swamp Megan must convince Wade she is fit for the new mission. Wade’s covert intelligence team infiltrates the guarded jungle monastery where the professor is being held only to find their team is vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the opposition. Planned extraction of the target becomes impossible as Wade’s team faces imminent termination of the entire squad.
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Shadow Cell - available on Amazon

Novel – Shadow Cell

The SHADOW CELL Experiments with Children as Biological Weapons

The disappearance of former handler and lover Megan Winslow strikes hard at Wade Hanna’s soul. He tenaciously digs into covert operations and learns that Megan is in mortal danger.

The secret laboratory she has penetrated is conducting experiments on orphans to revive a Nazi effort to modify cell structure and turn innocent children into weaponized biological agents. A ruthless Argentine mobster now has world powers unfriendly to America eager to pay exorbitant sums for this technology of terror.

Megan is the only one standing between the horrific experiments and the children’s freedom. If she is discovered, torture and death will follow. Facing overwhelming odds, Wade has little time to rescue her and save the children.
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Novel – Rogue Asset

Book 3 of the Wade Hanna Series

A fugitive MI-6 agent has gone rogue by supplying Russian arms to rebels in a West African nation.

Wade Hanna accepts the deadly Tangier assignment to stop the arms before they arrive. His fellow agent and lover, Megan, remains in the dark about his disappearance.

Unwelcome uncertainties greet Wade when he finds his separation from Megan may be permanent at the hands of others he can no longer trust.

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Novel – Lethal Authority


Wade Hanna discovers the mysterious death of an Army Special Forces sniper was not suicide but the work of a secret death squad team operating within U.S. Military Intelligence.

The use of exotic drugs is traced back to the death squad leader who reveals a sinister terrorist plot taking place in the peaceful Caribbean country of Belize.

New intelligence skills combined with old investigative instincts honed from his unsettled life in New Orleans and the swamp as Wade confronts his deadly adversaries as the mystery unfolds.

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Novel – Silent Sanction


Wade Hanna emerges childhood from the unlikely depths of a Louisiana swamp to a life of fast cars in the Big Easy.

His youth is fraught with unwelcome misfortune and unsuspected servitude as an undercover operative.

To find sanctuary he joins the Navy submarine service only to find another silent sanction in his path.

Eventually he finds his calling in Black Ops after deadly confrontation with a Soviet submarine and its biological weapon off the coast of Mississippi during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Short Story – Invisible Markings


Undercover operative, Ed Langer, doesn’t heed the advice of this superior Detective Jake Pisano and continues his undercover work in the auto parts dismantling warehouse.

His former mob underboss has been arrested and Langer is yet to meet his newly appointed replacement.

The mob suspects the use of Blue Dye Seven. Suspicions rise but Langer thinks he is safely buried in the depths of auto dismantling operations until one day…

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Short Story – Undersea Voices


Retired submarine Captain John Hodges attends a convention of retired Navy officers in Washington D.C.

After years of sleepless nights he still hears voices of his dead men calling his name.

He seeks answers to what happened to the Russian Submarine off the coast of Cuba that caused the death of his men.

Captain Lamar Henley may have some of the answers.

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Louisiana Reflections

Before the Katrina and Rita hurricanes, the oil spill and the flood, New Orleans and Cajun country were places to relax, sip a mint julep and eat crawfish while absorbing sounds of blues, jazz and Cajun swing. The Big Easy and the small Cajun towns along the bayou were laid back. Life went on as it had for the last 200 years. Stormy tides and oil-ladened water changed life in this area as it broke long standing generational family ties due to permanent relocation and loss of trade. The long road back has begun, but life is not quite the same on the bayou.

Louisiana Reflections takes us on a photographic journey back to a time and place in the 1990’s before the storms. Portraits, landscapes, architecture and still life make up this poignant collection of tri-tone images in a beautiful hardbound first edition by noted fine-art photographer, Joseph D’Antoni.

The artists’ 50 year career brings you on a personal journey with each image. Growing up in New Orleans D’Antoni lived and breathed the local culture spending every moment he could on the Bayous of Southern Louisiana. The Foreword to the book is by noted historian, John H. Lawrence, curator of photographs and museum programs at the Historic New Orleans Collection Museum, places the importance of this photographic work in historical perspective. The images speak to everyone from the area, visitors to the region as well as those who identify with the Gulf Coast and everything they have endured. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this book go to non-profit organizations in Louisiana helping the victims of the storms and oil spill.

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