Joseph D'AntoniJoseph D’Antoni is a true forensic and economic expert having spent many years testifying in court cases throughout the world. His clients have included the FBI, Department of Justice, intelligence agencies and some of the largest law firms in this country. He holds advanced academic degrees and has taught at three major universities. His fictional characters are often inspired from actual cases he has worked on and events he has investigated.

The popular cold war suspense novel, Silent Sanction and two short stories, Invisible Markings and Undersea Voices are recent fictional works based on actual events which took place in and around New Orleans, Louisiana where he grew up.

His non-fiction fine art black and white photography book, Louisiana Reflections, has received wide acclaim as an introspective photographic study of New Orleans and Cajun Country before Hurricanes Rita and Katrina devastated the area.

He currently resides in Southern California where he writes and works on art when he is not consulting or investigating on forensic assignments.